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Amazing Crime Strange Stickman


Game description

Amazing Crime Strange Stickman is an excellent RPG. As a dangerous criminal, you need to complete all the bad things in the mission. For example, destroying vehicles and killing passers-by! The game is very rich in gameplay, players can collect gold coins, shoot passers-by, robbed vehicles and even wall-walking! You must not imagine how wonderful this game world is! Are you ready to be a bad guy? Can you complete the task? Good luck and have fun. WASD or arrow keys: move. T: open nearby garage. Q: rope. Right-click: laser. Left click: shoot or punch. spacebar: jump. Left shift: run. X: switch weapon. F: open car. R: open nearby shop. Z: switch grenade. Truck, Submachine, Stickman, Simulation, Shooting, RPG, Room, Police, Killing, Kids, House, Gun, Fire, Fighting, Car, Boy, Bike, Adventure, 3D, Action, Submachine Gun,mobile